Plastic (poly) drums and barrels are quickly becoming the container of choice for many industrial applications.  Food processing facilities, chemical manufacturers, construction contractors, and even water storage companies are turning to plastic barrels as their container of choice.

Now there is an affordable and safe method for heating plastic (poly) barrels and drums.  It’s called Powerblanket.  Made with a carbon fiber inner material, the Powerblanket acts as a huge heat sink, completely eliminating hot and cold spots. The end result is a uniform consistent heating blanket that utilizes a patented heat spreading technology, appropriately named GreenHeat.

Powerblanket Barrel Heaters are the safest, cheapest, most reliable method for heating and insulating plastic (poly) containers on the market today.  Models range from 5 gallon bucket heaters to 100,000 gallon silo / tank heaters.  Regardless the size of your plastic container, big or small… Powerblanket heats them all. Powerblanket can be reached at 866-805-HEAT or online at

plastic barrel heater


  • Honey & Molasses Heating
  • Chemical Warming
  • Process Heating
  • Food Industry Barrel Heater
  • Heat Wax in Drums
  • Heat Epoxy Resins in Tanks
  • Freeze Protect Drum Water
  • Insulate Temperature Sensitive Products
  • Heat Paint, Tar, Asphalt, Elastomeric
  • Warm Sugars, Syrups and Food Products
  • Heat Acids and Solutions
  • Warm Oil and Petroleum
  • Grease Keg Heaters
  • Heat Sand, Mortar and other Building Materials
  • Corn Syrup Heater
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Warmer
  • Heat Fat, Grease and Lard
  • Industrial Drum and Tank Heaters
  • ProMAX Drum Heaters
  • Powerblanket Barrel Warmers
  • Heat Ink and other Process Materials
  • Warm Chocolate and Confectionery Products
  • Year Round Temperature Control