Freeze protection for large tanks and industrial containers just got a whole lot easier.  Traditional methods included immersion heaters, open flames, and even large expensive climate controlled rooms.  New methods developed by GreenHeat Technology, make these and other solutions virtually obsolete.

Now you can insulate and heat your large industrial containers using a thin, lightweight materials, called Powerblanket.  Engineers at GreenHeat laboratories have figured out how to heat large surfaces using a “GREEN” low energy consuming material that does away with the hot-and-cold spots common with competitor’s products.

prod9L Industrial Tanks
Industrial tanks range in size from 5 to 55,ooo gallons and beyond.  Powerblanket tank wraps are ideal for heating and maintaining temperature in both plastic/poly and metal tanks, silos, and containers.  The industry’s most complete product line of polyethylene & metal tanks and accessories can now be configured to achieve specific temperature thresholds and freeze protection.   Powerblanket patented GreenHeat Technology can easily be configured to heat, insulate, and freeze protect year round.  Engineered for a wide variety of applications, Powerblanket is being used to heat and/or freeze protect dairy silos, petroleum tanks, water frac systems, waste water, concrete, food and grain silos, and a host of other materials
IBC_TANK_009 Intermediate Bulk Containers
IBC Totes or intermediate bulk containers are one of the most commonly used storage devices in the world.  Much of the material stored in these containers are temperature sensitive and therefore must be stored in climate controlled warehouses.  Powerblanket IBC Tote heaters are lightweight wrap-around surface heaters that attach directly to the container to offer a protective layer of insulative heat for FREEZE PROTECTION and temperature control.  This award winning innovation is changing the way companies heat their bulk material and containers.
ag tanks Agricultural Tanks
Built for life on the farm, (AG) agricultural tanks are designed to store, transport and apply fertilizer, crop and seed treatment chemicals.   Standard product designs include horizontal, vertical, cone bottom, leg, applicator, and nurse tank configurations.  Powerblanket offers a range of custom heat wraps to protect all materials all season long.
plastic-tanks Above Ground – Septic/Waste Water
Seamless, one & two piece above ground septic tanks minimize the risk of leaking associated with aging concrete tanks.  The 100% polyethylene construction provides optimum corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility, ensuring a long useful life in both residential and commercial applications.  Powerblanket now offers a complete line of waste tank heaters that protect against cold freezing temperatures.
bin Dry material Bins & Silos
Outdoor bins and silos can now be protected against harsh weather conditions.  Be it powder, pellets, capsules, or grains, Powerblanket manufactures both heated and non-heated insulative wraps to protect these materials from freezing temperatures and harsh weather.  Powerblanket’s GreenHeat Technology delivers a barrier of protective warmth while utilizing “GREEN” low energy technology.  UV vinyl combined with UL compliant technology delivers a safe and affordable solution for heating and protecting large industrial bins and silo tanks.
winetanks Wine Tanks
The food & beverage industry is utilizing Powerblanket’s GreenHeat Technology to heat and maintain temperature in their food processing plants. Wineries and beverage processing plants use Powerblanket to maintain constant temperatures in their products and processes.


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