This year’s Editor’s Choice Award goes to Powerblanket.  The improvements they have made to their entire product line make them the hands-down winner.  It wasn’t even a contest.  Other distant brands such as BriskHeat and Watlow are overpriced and under performing!  Powerblanket’s rugged design and affordable price point make them the clear choice for drum heating, barrel warming, freezing protection, and bucket warming.  Their patented GreenHeat Technology is the “Secret Sauce” that makes the Powerblanket so desirable.  Located in the Rocky Mountains, the Powerblanket manufacuring plant is a cutting-edge facility.  Key benefits from owning a Powerblanket include:

  • UL / CSA Safety Standards
  • Patented Heat Spreading Technology
  • Insulated Design
  • Standard 120V / 15 AMP plug
  • GREEN Low Energy Consumption
  • Works on both Metal & Poly Drums and Barrels
  • Sturdy Cinch Straps Keep Blankets in Place
  • Rainproof and Weather Resistant
  • Completely Eliminates Hot and Cold Spots
  • Delivers a Barrier of Even & Consistent Heat
  • Available in 5, 15, 30, 55-Gallon and Larger
  • Available with Preset Fixed or Adjustable Thermostat

IBC TOTE 55 Gallon Barrel silo2

The Powerblanket portfolio includes blankets for concrete curring, frozen ground thawing, gas cylinder warming, tank heating, pipe thawing, motor & engine warming, freeze protection blankets, and a host of heating and thawing products for the oil & gas industry.  You name it… they’ll heat it!  See more at or call 866-805-HEAT.